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Short Essay on Corruption


Corruption implies misuse of public position or power for the fulfillment of selfish motives or to gain personal gratifications.

Corruption is a global phenomenon and it is omnipresent. Corruption has progressively increased and is now rampant in our society. Bribery, thefts, wastage of public property constitutes corruption. In recent times, India has earned a place among the THREE most corrupt countries in the world. Corruption in India is a consequence of the nexus between Bureaucracy, politics and criminals. 

Corruption has a corrosive impact on our economy. It worsens our image in international market and leads to loss of overseas opportunities. 

Corruption is an intractable problem. It is can only be controlled, but not totally eliminated. To combat the evil of corruption, we need to make a comprehensive code of conduct for politicians, legislatures, bureaucrats, and such code should be strictly enforced. NGOs and media should come forward to create awareness against corruption in society. And each one of us can also help by simply refusing to pay bribes to anyone, no matter how urgent our need is.

So, though it seems difficult and not impossible to eradicate corruption. We must have some high principles to follow so that we may be models for the coming generation. Let us all save our system from being collapsed.



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