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Global Warming

Global Warming

Short Essay on - Global Warming


We may deny it but global warming is a raging problem in contemporary times. Global warming is the rising in the average temperature of the world. The temperature has risen about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit from the mid 1800’s to now. And the scientists predict that by the end of this century, earth's climate will have risen between three and ten degress.



Global warming is also known as the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is what regulates the temperature of our planet. There are many things affected by global warming, air pollution, vanishing wildlife, spreading of disease, coral bleaching and melting ice caps to just name a few.  


Researchers believe that human activity is the main cause for global warming. Human activities have altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere through buildup of greenhouse gases. The four main contributors of the greenhouse effect are- water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane and ozone.

Unfortunately, the imbalance which we have created between our life and earth is already showing the signs disasters in the form of flood, cyclones, landslides, tsunami, drought, etc. If the imbalance continues to rise, one day this will pose a question mark on the existence of this planet. 


Hence, global warming is the greatest challenge we are facing today to our planet. And if we do not take serious action then the consequences will only get worse. So, let us all take a pledge to do our bit in making our environment clean and green.




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