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Coal Mine



Materials required :
Thermocol, cardboard, black paint, coal, a model of goods trolly and 2 or 3 people working in mine, cutouts.

How to prepare :
1. Cut cardboard into semicircle shape take base as thermocol.
2. Colour it with black paint and paste real coal on semicircle shape using fevicol.
3. Put some coal inside the semicircle shape in heaps.
4. Prepare rectangle boxes with thermocol and put the coal into it for trally purpose.
5. Put 2 or 3 cutouts of people working in the mine.


Dialogues :
1. Coal mine is dug for getting coal from underground. Coal is mined either by underground mines or surface mining.
2. Coal is discovered in Virginia in 1701 by settlers. Dr. Thomas Walker was the first person recorded in history to actually discover and use coal in 1750.
3. Coal is used in some power plants to make electricity.
4. Coal is also used as fuel in many large scale industries.
5. It is estimated that within 60 to 80 years of time period major coal reserves are to be completed.


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