Video Baby Monitor

We all love watching our babies, but it’s not always easy in loud environments. The Panasonic Video Baby Monitor uses the latest technology to let you see, hear and talk to your baby from anywhere in the house.








Do you worry that you aren’t hearing all the noises your baby makes from another room? Are you concerned that she might suddenly wake up and cry without your knowledge? Then get the unprecedented peace of mind that comes with a Panasonic video baby monitor. This monitor will revolutionize your sleepless nights by letting you see and hear your infant from anywhere in the house.  Double-click the interactive touchscreen to take command of this video baby monitor from anywhere in your house.
The Panasonic Video Baby Monitor allows you to keep an eye on your baby while you are away from the nursery. The monitor includes a 3.5 inch LCD panel, a built-in nightlight, and a two-way intercom for easy communication with your child. If you’re too distracted by showering and getting dressed, don’t worry – no one will notice the discreet camera tucked in the top corner of your bedroom. Plus, accurate night vision keeps you from waking up every time the light comes in through the window.
The Panasonic Video Baby Monitor system is a high-tech device that will become an irreplaceable member of your family. Because the camera system is wireless, it enhances each parent’s ability to protect and care for their children from virtually anywhere in their home or in any room at Grandma’s house.
Panasonic’s easy-to-use video baby monitor uses the same clear and secure (non-wi-fi) long-range DECT technology found in its top-selling cordless home phone systems. DECT systems offer clear, secure, and interference-free signal strength up to 1500 feet*. more than the length of four football fields, and twice the range of comparable monitors.


Anywhere in or outside the home, you can clearly and continually keep tabs on your child. The KX-HN4101W baby monitor includes a bright 3.5-in. color monitor and easy controls that sync to an improved wide-eyed, wall-mountable monochrome night vision camera in the baby’s room (The KX-HN4101W system is expandable up to four cameras). the video camera can be controlled remotely to pan, tilt and zoom the camera from the baby monitor to look in on your child anytime.


Improved long-life, built-in battery charging in the monitor stores power for up to 13 hours of standby time and up to 5 hours of power for continuous use. A smart motion sensor alerts you when the baby is awake or crying.


A temperature sensor alerts you if the room is above or below the range you set. When activated, sensors sound a chime, illuminate a LED on the monitor and display notifications on the monitor’s screen.


Microphones and speakers in both video camera and baby Monitor enable 2-way talk with anyone in the room. And, you can play gentle, soothing sounds that include five types of White noise and a choice of lullabies. Notices: *1500 feet achievable in straight line-of-sight. The actual distance will vary based on some types of objects in the path.


Panasonic Video Baby Monitor with Remote PanTiltZoom Extra Long Range Secure Connection and Portable 2 Way Talk Lullaby or Noises 1 Camera KX HN4101W 0 2


AWARD-WINNING BABY MONITOR WITH CAMERA AND AUDIO, FEATURING LONG-RANGE SIGNAL: Experience clear, secure audio and video. Signal strength is up to twice the range of comparable video baby monitors, ensuring you can feel comfortable even if entertaining outside.


ENHANCED REMOTE VIEWING: Get the best view of the baby at all times using remote pan, tilt, and zoom with an improved monochrome night vision camera and 3.5-inch color monitor. The camera mounts to the wall, ensuring a good view at all times. Camera wall mount and AC adapter included.


SECURE 2-WAY BABY-PARENT TALK WITH SOOTHING SOUNDS: Listen to, talk to, and soothe baby using clear 2-way sound with microphones and speakers inside both video camera and baby monitor. Ambient noise reduction suppresses background interference. Calm baby by playing gentle, soothing sounds that include five types of white noise and a choice of lullabies.


SENSES TEMPERATURE, MOTION, AND SOUND: Smart alerts are built into the video camera and baby monitor viewer and will appear if the baby wakes up or cries, or if the room temperature changes outside your preset range.


LONG BATTERY LIFE: High-quality video Baby Monitor includes improved long-life built-in battery charging for up to 13 hours of standby time and up to 5 hours of continuous baby Monitor use inside or outside the home

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