Multi-Function Spice Box

Multi Function Spice

 Multi-Function Spice Box Rack

  • ADJUSTABLE GOODS RACK CLASSIFIED STORAGE: Excellent kitchen countertop storage cabinets can be classified to make the kitchen tidy and comfortable
  • MICROWAVE OVEN RACK DRAIN PAN DESIGN: Hollow drainage pan design, the high-quality design will bring you a clean and healthy life, with a drainage pan at the bottom to keep the workbench clean
  • WIRE SHELVING EASY TO USE: You can use it as a knife holder, spice box, tableware, and storage box. Various compartments can be equipped with various kitchen supplies, all parts
  • SPACE SAVING: The kitchen storage shelf is multifunctional, can keep the kitchen clean and tidy, and save workbench space, the spice shelf group arranges your spices in a stylish way and can be matched with any exquisite decoration in your kitchen or kitchen use. Excellent appearance, at the same time absolutely strong, stable, and durable
  • FOUR-IN-ONE DESIGN: tableware and small sideboard, knife holder, kitchen knife, and scissors, 6 or 4 seasoning containers are placed in the seasoning box for seasoning and herbs, any bottle can be placed

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