Hands-Free Nano Sponge Mop 

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Hands-Free Nano Sponge Mop with Flexible Head and Super-Absorbent Pad

  • Suitable for Deep Floor Cleaning: It can easily remove stubborn sticky stains. You do not need to buy additional floor push brushes. It can absorb rich foam on the surface and is suitable for deep cleaning.
  • Efficient and Versatile Cleaning Ability: There are grooves on the surface of the sponge head. When the sponge head is dragged on the ground, it acts as a broom, collecting fine fluff, hair, and dust particles
  • Excellent Water Absorption: the water absorption of a sponge mop is several times that of a cloth mop. Premium PVA sponge is good at handling various spills, oil stains, and foam stains, and instantly absorbs and dries the ground without leaving scratching, instead of pushing the liquid away.
  • Hands-Free Squeeze Design: The mounted lever handle is ergonomic and lightweight. Easily squeeze the sponge head by pulling and lifting the manual joystick. No need to contact the dirty mop head. Folding opposite extrusion can squeeze water more quickly and thoroughly.
  • Sponge Head: The package comes with a sponge head. Please put the sponge head into warm water before use. Wait for a few minutes, it will become completely soft.

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